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Hwato SDZ-V Nerve and Muscle Stimulator (long lasting runs on batteries) New

Hwato SDZ-V Nerve and Muscle Stimulator (long lasting runs on batteries)
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Name: Hwato SDZ-V Nerve and Muscle Stimulator (long lasting runs on batteries)
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Serial Number: sdz-v
Manufacturer Name: Electric Treatment Apparatus
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SDZ-V Nerve and Muscle Stimulator
    -- the longest lasting runs on batteries so far.
Upgraded from SDZ-II Electronic Stimulator, produced by original manufactory, SDZ-V Nerve and Muscle Stimulator is a new developed machine which integrates the electronic technique and traditional acupuncture meridian theory and has the characters of digital display, output precise and controlled and using with keys. It applies to the dinic and scientific research. The machine consists of the mainframe, skin electrode (electric mucilage glue electrodes of the middle and low frequency physical therapy), power supply adapter and output leads four parts. The device doesn't contain the acupuncture needles, but the acupuncture needles can be as the mini needle electrodes to carry out the acusector therapeutic.
  • Replacement of Hand Massage
  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • 6 Route Output
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Output Precise and Controlled
  • Using Easily with buttons
  • Detailed English / Chinese Manual: 1 copy
  • Output electrode wires:  6 pieces
  • Self-adhesive electrodes (size: 50mm x 50mm): 6 pairs
  • Mini enndle - electrodes (Metal clamp, size: <=28mm): 6 pairs
  • 110V A/C Adapter: 1 unit 
  • Certificate of quality: 1 copy
  • Service card: 1 copy
Technical Specifications:
  • Power: DC9V or power supply adapters
    (input AC220V ±22V/110V ±11V, output DC9V)
  • Input power: DC9V 0.3VA, power supply adapters 3.0VA
  • Output pulse wave: non-symmetry bidirectional pulse wave
  • Output pulse route: six route output
  • Max. output power: 0.3VA
  • Output pulse frequency: 1-100Hz adjustable
  • Working mode:
    • Continuous Wave: Continuously
    • Intermittent Wave: Interval time between Continuous Wave groups 5 sec, duration time of Continuous Wave 9 sec. Distant-dense Wave: frequency of distant wave is one fifth of the frequency of dense wave, the duration time of distant wave 5sec, the duration time of dense wave 9 sec.
  • Output current: <=50mA
  • Output pulse width: 0.2ms
  • Volume: 230 x 150 x 60mm
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • The instrument conforms with the requirements of the Type BE Applied Part of 1EC60601-1
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3459 out of 4784 people found the following review helpful
Absolutely Fantastic
I was a little skeptical when purchasing this unit, but that all changed when it arrived. You can hook up to 12 pads for muscle stim (control each individually), and a bonus feature... it also can do elctro acupunture!!! It works like a charm, and saves time not having to go through it at physical therapy. It not only comes with an A/C adapter, but you can run it off of batteries. It comes with everything needed, and it packs a punch! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nerve and muscle stimulator as I believe it beats out more expensive machines!!! Well worth the money! A++++++
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by Jeremie Hutson
from Illinois United States
16 Mar 2009

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