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Professional Sonic Oral Care Toothbrush

Professional Sonic Oral Care Toothbrush
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Name: Professional Sonic Oral Care Toothbrush
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Professional Sonic Oral Care Toothbrush Professional Sonic Oral Care Toothbrush Professional Sonic Oral Care Toothbrush


Lebond EiVS series magnetic suspension of sonic toothbrush keeps your oral cavity healthy and effectively, prevents gingivitis, relieves gum red and swollen, improves the hygiene of teeth-rectifying patients and naturally whitens your teeth within 3 weeks.

Sonic Toothbrush Features
With the specific patented motor technology, LEBOND magnetic suspension motor of sonic toothbrush reduces the rubbing caused by inter-gears and rotating machinery, to realize a very low noise. The high-speed of vibration frequency between 20,000 and 31,000 strokes per minute, makes the amplitude of vibration at about 1.1mm of output axes. LEBOND magnetic suspension of sonic toothbrush could completely and effectively clean and care your teeth and oral cavity like professional dentist.
  • Brilliant & dream colors that win your heart at first sight
    The handles are several different brilliant & dream colors, such as olive green, champagne orange, sapphire blue, garnet red, and charming purple.

  • Intelligent timer, one button pressed fixes everything
    The vibration frequency can be freely adjusted from 20,000 to 31,000 movements per minute with just one button. Next time when it is turned on, it starts automatically with same frequency chosen last time.

  • Bright and clear, unforgettable experience
    Intelligent timer: it gives a short pause as interval every 30 seconds to help ensure enough 2-minute-long brushing time, with just twice a day, and 2 minutes long each time, your teeth will completely be rid of tea stains, cigarette stains, coffee stains and calculus.
Standard Configuration
Package Included
1 Brush handle, 1 Brush head, 1 Charger
Color available olive green, champagne orange, sapphire blue, garnet red, and charming purple
Size Brush handle high: 16cm, brush head high: 8cm, diameter: 3cm
Waterproof Toothbrush: IPX5,    Charger: IPX7
Power 1.8W
Battery Built-in rechargeable battery, 3 weeks standby
Charge time 1.5H
AC/DC Input: 110-240V  50-60Hz  3.2W  Output: 5V 50MA

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